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History of quality

PRO-LINK is expertly serving corporate end users, government agencies, retail stores and OEM facilities with high quality fiber cables, RF Cables, copper assemblies, and network products since 1988.

Our product range

We offer an extensive range of copper and Fiber Optic Cables, RJ21 CAT3 and CAT5E Telco Trunks, adapters and connectors.

A cable assembly manufacturer you can trust

With over 33 years in the cable manufacturing business we offer a complete service, from manufacturing Coax to custom fiber Optic cables

Extended Warranty

All cables and connectors comes with a 5 year extended warranty. We guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.

We Customise

If cables are not listed, we customize your cable requirement. Just email us a specification sheet.

Wide Range of Cables

We cover all cables from Fiber Optic to RF Coax Cables, Wiring harnesses and AV Cables.

Custom Cables Assemblies

PRO-LINK specializes in manufacturing custom harness cables, custom coax cables and custom molding. Whatever your requirement is, just contact our sales team.