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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some Frequently Asked Questions by our customers, if you have any additional enquiries please contact our team.

What lead times do you have for your products?
90% of items are in stock, however items that are not stocked eg: Some Coax and Fiber Optic cables, we need 3-5 days but mostly sooner.

Can you guarantee quality on all products? What is your warranty?
Absolutely, we offer a five year replacement warranty.

With Cable harnesses, can we recommend what parts to use?
Yes, just email us a BOM (Bill of Materials)

Do you import components?
Yes, some high volume orders which cannot be made in the US, we have no option.

Do you provide samples / 1st articles?
Yes, providing all have been quoted and serious about ordering.

Who do you sell to?
OEM’s, Government departments, Defense, Universities, General Businesses, we also export.

Can you provide a Customer Reference?
Sure, we can provide a call number or email for you to correspondent with.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1996

High Quality Connectivity Needs

We are a cable manufacturer with extensive engineering knowledge and manufacturing experience in all custom cables