MM LC Fiber Optic Cables

PRO-LINK, LLC Fiber Optic Products announces the availability of its new, complete family of LC fiber optic connectors, adapters and patch cords. The LC product family includes single and multi-mode versions, in simplex and duplex types. All are available now and ready for delivery.
The new high-density LC form factor has become the new standard for high-speed data communications. It’s one-half the size of older ST® technology, allowing more interconnects in cramped equipment racks and closets and maximizing hub density.
The LC connector series provides the extremely low insertion loss and return loss required to create reliable Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM and other voice and data networks. Typical insertion loss is <0.20 dB for multi-mode and <0.10 dB for single mode. Maximum return loss is -20 dB (multi-mode) or -50 dB (single mode).

All members of PRO-LINK LLC, family meet EIA/TIA 568A, FOCIS 10 and IEC 11801 specifications for optical performance and intermateability. They are compatible with SYSTIMAX® and ExchangeMAX® components.
These connectors include an intuitive, audible latching mechanism, similar to the conventional RJ-45 ‘phone jack,’ to indicate and verify proper mating. Methode’s LC connectors are easy to mount or terminate in the field.
PRO-LINK, LLC Fiber Optic Products designs and manufactures network components and systems for high-speed fiber optic communications. Product offerings include connectors, adapters, patch cords, pre-assembled trunks, couplings, racks and cable management equipment. These products are used in applications such as LAN premise networks, data centers, broadband/CATV systems and telecommunications. PRO-LINK, LLC Fiber Optic Products is located in Sante FE Spings CA.

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