50ohm RF Coax Cables
From their development in the 1960’s SMA cables have acted as coaxial cables with minimum connector interface, equipped with a screw type coupling mechanism. SMA cables offer outstanding electric conductivity in a range from DC to 17 GHz. The SMA male connectors come with a 1/4″-36 thread and a 5/16″ hex nut. PRO-LINK’S manufacturing capabilities and the exceedingly quick turn around time involved in our manufacturing process have enabled us to become a leading global SMA cable manufacturer noted for producing consistently high quality SMA cables for our customer base.
Data Accessories, a subsidiary of Pro-Link LLC has also been a supplier of Ethernet cables since 1996, providing the highest quality Ethernet cable to governmental agencies, retail stores and OEM facilities. We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship, prompt shipping, consistency of product and overall top levels of quality and value. We are J Standard Certified and GSA certified, supplying RF coax cables, custom RG174, RG179, RG142, RG58 and now SEMI Rigid formed and flexible cables., As a manufacturer of RF coaxial cables, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom cables to the specifications of our clients. If you need assistance, just call us on 1-888 608-5180