SMA Coax Cables

PRO-LINK Custom manufactures Wireless LAN SMA to SMA, SMA to RG58 and SMA to N Type Plugs Cables. Also works to 12.4GHz and possibly to 18 or 24 GHz. From their development in the 1960’s SMA cables have acted as coaxial cables with minimum connector interface, equipped with a screw type coupling mechanism. In conclusion, SMA cables offer outstanding electric conductivity in a range from DC to 17 GHz. The SMA male connectors come with a 1/4″-36 thread and a 5/16″ hex nut. PRO-LINK manufacturing capabilities and the exceedingly quick turn around time involved in our manufacturing process have enabled us to become a leading global SMA cable manufacturer noted for producing consistently high quality SMA to SMA, SMA to N, SMA to BNC, SMA to TNC and SMA RP to SMA RP coax cables for our customer base.

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