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All-in-One Universal Cable Tester / DB9 DB15 RS232 Cable Tester

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All-in-One Universal Cable Tester / DB9 DB15 RS232 Cable Tester

TEST-i Multi-Function Data Cable Tester is a specially designed “All-In-One” cable tester that analyzes the most essential cables use today. It will test and wire-map each cable pin connection to determine open, short, cross, or miss-wired cables. Cable configurations are displayed on the LCD and stored on the unit that can be uploaded to a PC for further analysis. For mass cable testing, TEST-i offers a “Quick Test” function that quickly determines if the cables “pass” or “fail” based on a user-defined standard. TEST-i is a valuable and effective tool for testing common data cables and custom cables.

Key Features:

  • Test Cables Continuity: Open Wires, Shorted Wires, Coss Wires or Miss-Wires
  • Support 19 Types of Connectors (with Included DB25 Cable Adaptor)
  • Pin-to-Pin Cable Configuration and Test Results
  • Test Custom Cables with Different End Connector
  • Store and Save Up To 100 Test Results
  • Uploadable Cable Test Results to PC via USB cable
  • Quick Test Function for Mass Cable Configuration Test
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • 9v Battery or Optional DC 9v Power Adaptor
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Storage Case

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