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ESCON to LC Fiber Cable

ESCON to LC Fiber Cable



ESCON fiber optic cables are available with both single mode and multimode. The fiber cables are specially used for IBM ESCON systems. The cable is a duplex type. The feature of ESCON connector is that it has a shock proof plastic housing with a retractable shroud to protect the ceramic ferrules inside the connectors; ESCON is a push pull latching mechanism fiber cable.

PRO-LINK manufacturers ESCON fiber optic cables that are suitable to use with IBM ESCON architecture, our ESCON cables are good performance with typical insertion loss 0.2dB; the products are compatible with IEC and Telcordia standards. We can also make according to customer requirement to make the cables with Rizer or Plenum rated. Just email us at if you need further details.

We manufacture OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4

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