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LC to LC SM 9/125 Fiber Cables

LC to LC Singlemode 9/125 DUPLEX Fiber Optic Cable

The high-density LC connector is the new standard for high-speed data communications. It’s one-half the size of older ST technology, allowing more interconnects in cramped equipment racks and cabinets and maximising hub density. The LC connector provides the extremely low insertion loss and return loss required to create reliable gigabit ethernet, fibre channel, ATM and other voice and data networks. Typical insertion loss is <0.20 dB for multimode and <0.10 dB for Singlemode 9/125. Maximum return loss is -20 dB (multimode) or -50 dB (Singlemode 9/125).
Choose from LC to SC, LC to ST and LC to FC Singlemode 9/125 DUPLEX Fiber Optic Cables. All our cables are made here in the US and garanteed to perform. All Fiber cable Assemblies manufactured comply to quality standards ISO 9002. Call us on 1-888 608-5180 for assistance.  We manage large orders.


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