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Mode-Conditioning Fiber Optic Patch Cords

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Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Patch Cords

In Tech note “Fiber Types and Using Them Effectively”, the purpose of Mode Conditioning Patchcords (MCP) is explained, i.e. it was originally intended to enable 1000BaseLx type Gigabit Ethernet equipment designed and optimised for operation over singlemode fiber to work over conventional multimode fiber.  Essentially, all the action is at the transmit end where a singlemode fiber is spliced to a multimode fiber with an offset of 16 to 23uM for 62.5/125 fiber (and 10 to 16uM for 50/125 fiber) which forces most of the light to travel in the higher order modes and thus avoid the “bad” low order modes.  The MM fiber is then connected to the MM cable plant.  At the other end a standard matching MM patchlead is used.  Consequently, standard Mode Conditioning Patchcords are duplex assemblies consisting of one MM cord and one SM/MM cord as shown in Figure 1 below.  In this case the SM cord is coloured yellow and the MM cords are orange.

  • IEEE-802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet) Compliant
  • Permanent offset closure
  • Fits existing cabling designs
  • Low loss
  • Uses precision ceramic ferrules
  • Available in LC,ST and SC combinations
  • Easy to use


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