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4.0 Channel TFOCA-II Splitter Fiber Optic Tactical Cable

4.0 Channel Q/TFOCA-II Splitter Fiber Optic Cable Tactical Cable

TFOCA II 4 Channnel Cables
The Second generation TFOCA-II® Cabling systems is designed to withstand repetitive handling and mating cycles typically required for rapid fiber Optic Cable deployment and retrieval in a tactical environment. This Cable is available in 4,6 and 12 channel. The Hermaphroditic TFOCA-II connector series was designed specifically foe use in Harsh environments. The 4 Channel TFOCA-II connector is an Army standard for military tactical deployable network applications.

  • Broadcast application.
  • Ideal for Mining use.
  • Uses for Tactical applications.
  • Mobile Communications.
  • Gas/Water/Oil Geological industries.
  • Satelite ground stations.
  • Available in Multimode or Singlemode
  • We also repair.



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