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VF45 to LC MM OM1

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VF45 to LC MM OM1 Fiber Optic Cables

These cables are still available.

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About The Volition VF-45 System
The Volition socket and patch cord system is a duplex, fiber optic interconnect for affordable, high bandwidth fiber to the desk networks. The VF-45 socket can be field terminated into patch panels typically in less than 2 minutes. VF-45 plugs are factory terminated on patch cords for socket to socket or for socket to transceiver.

These fiber optic high performance cable assemblies provide the added strength and performance that many applications require. Made with the revolutionary GGP fiber from 3M, these cables are ideal for trunk-to-panel connections, equipment back planes, panel-to-panel cross connects, and more. They’re great for exposed cable situations, such as under desk applications where their mechanical strength and tight bend radius makes them more resistant to kicks, pulls and bends. In addition to this particular patch cord style, we stock many other GGP patch cords for a wide range of applications. You can order patch cords terminated with any combination of ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ and VF-45 fiber optic connectors.
The VF-45 socket is a small form factor (SFF) connector, one half the size of standard duplex fiber optic interconnect providing affordable, high bandwidth networks.


The VF-45 plug and socket intermate like an 8-pin modular jack, bringing the simplicity of the 3M Volition RJ45 Copper Jack to optical fiber applications. The keyed VF-45 socket is available for networks that require separate, secure, controlled access. Each keyed VF-45 socket requires a color coded bezel and intermates with color coded keyed VF-45 patch cords.

Boot Color: White
Cable Tension Side Pull: >6.6 Newtons, <0.75 decibel max
Cable Tension Straight Pull: 66 Newtons, <0.75 decibel max
China RoHS – Below MCV: Yes
Connector Style: Crimp, Polish
Connector Type: VF-45
Coupling Strength: 33N, <= 0.75 dB
EU RoHS Compliant: Yes
Fiber Size: 125 µm
Mating Durability: 500 cycles, < 0.75 dB max.
Mode Type: Multimode
Reflection: -25 Decibel
Trademark Name 1: 3M


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